Studying Art Online...

speaking for myself...and I'm sure some of you may is scary in the beginning for most of us, and i would have LOVED to be in a classroom situation to see other students' PowerPoints for exactly the same reason - to reassure myself that i was on track, ....but as others have pointed out, it is about OUR personal interpretation of the work, and most of the units are based on the theme 'transformation' for that very reason and because we want to do the best we can, we sometimes start to doubt ourselves, and the other thing is - i don't have any worries about ppts being c & p'd
 - but who is to say another person's work is interpreted 'correctly' anyway. It is all relative and uniquely personal and whether you make a mistake or not, it's part of the learning curve and your tutor will support you in that if you are genuinely concerned - if they are 'tough' they'll push you to do more, if they are understanding, they'll encourage you to do more, and if they are incredibly academic they will mark you low - which usually encourages you to try harder anyway.

It's not so much about doing the "right thing" but doing the thing that's best for you and that develops over i am discovering.
I find the best approach when someone is not sure of another's intentions is to speak up to sort it out :o)
and the best thing to do is: when in doubt ask your tutor....
Uni online can be scary yes, but we keep going regardless, even if we think we are not good enough....anyway, i have a lot more to say some days, and a lot less to say on others, so i think i will close for now by saying...enough said :o)