23 March 2011

What is the Internet anyway?

Looking back to the early days of the internet, our perception then of what the internet was, is quite hilarious as well as being quite ignorant of what it actually is. We thought we knew...'you know, it's a connection to your computer where you can surf the net....' But did we really know what it was or were we just guessing? and is there a difference between the internet and the www? Indeed there is....you might get a giggle out of watching this humorous recollection of CBS Newsreaders discussing what they thought the internet was!

image: caida.org
The internet is a huge network of computers that communicate and collaborate together but what does it look like? Peer1 Hosting wondered about that too, and created a visual representation of all the internet connections around the world based on Internet topology data from the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) and called it The Map of the Internet.