About Susi B Art

About page: The about page is where you explain to anyone who finds your central node who you are and what your web presence is all about (written for a general audience).  The about page can be as long as you need it to be, but keep in mind you’re writing for an online audience who won’t be expecting to read page and pages of text, so keep things as concise as possible. If in doubt, feel free to look around the web at examples of About page other people have written.  If you find About pages that inspire you, don’t forget to note these as sources in your exegesis.

If you’re using photos and other media that are not your own creation as part of your web presence, you may wish to use the about page to give credit to these sources.  (Keep in mind, that you must respect copyright laws, so don’t use material you don’t have legal permission to reuse, and ensure you give appropriate credit for anything that’s not your own creation.)