06 March 2011

Social Networks

I set up my new Facebook identity here: Susi B Art
and of course I'm on twitter @susibart

I also connected Blogger to my flavors page @ http://flavors.me/susibart

my new flavors.me page!

i found flavors.me and thought it would be a good place to keep a record of all my networks in one place - i was excited to set up my 'new directory' page, but soon found out it was limited! You only get to 'add' about 4 entries or links and if you want more there is a yearly fee for unlimited use. it is only $20/year, so it is very reasonable, but for now i am just looking!

i have also been reading up on Blogging Tips and how to connect your Blogger posts to Facebook, etc. (thanks Shell!) It is still a bit complicated and i can only find directions for posting to a 'fan page' on facebook as opposed to a personal page, [see how to set up a fan page here] but a good place to start investigating if your are interested is to browse the blogger 'getting started guide' or have a look at  blogger tips and tricks.com  or wisnet.com
and if you're a visual learner and prefer to see the steps on video then have a look here: http://buzz.blogger.com/2008/01/blogger-help-videos.html

now, i'm off to do some painting! my painting assignment is due on Monday, so that comes first, but i'll keep you posted!

Mark Making with different tools...

VSW14 Project 1, Ex.1 Paint as Substance

happy networking!
Susi B :o)

What is different?

The main difference i was talking about in my first post below, involves the handling of a new web presence and how difficult that has been for me. Difficult in the sense that instead of it being as easy as i expected to set up a new blog, new flickr, delicious, twitter, etc. i have encountered innumerable obstacles and challenges that were completely unexpected and resulted in a lot of wasted hours and energy. Of course there are a lot of help guides out there, and a couple of my colleagues from WEB101 are brilliant 'mentors' in the art of 'webbing' but i thought i knew what to do! I didn't realise that i would need help!! It was a big shock and as these things can be, it was a leap, rather than a step, out of my cosy comfort zone!!! So now i know where to go, i have slowed down, settled down, inserted links to my trusty new friends and mentors and going to sit back and relax and take it step by step. Perhaps this blog is changing its theme already and becoming the lay-person's version of 'how not to do it' when endeavoring to embark on a new web venture.....who knows? ...but time will certainly soon tell :o)

Here is something that may come in handy from makeuseof.com - 10 ways to link your facebook and twitter accounts simultaneously: 

and my 2 new links for this week are: 
 1. delicious where you can collect your favourite websites as bookmarks (so you can have them all in one place and easy to find again)

delicious Bookmarks by Susibart


2. claimID  is a free and easy way to set yourself up with a place where you can easily record and store your online presence in one place in the form of building a list of links and bookmarks as you grow.

claimID weblinks portfolio susib

have fun and enjoy being social!

Susi B :o)