03 March 2011

My New Web Presence!

Welcome to Susi B Art, a new web presence for our WEB101 Uni Project! i am not sure what that exactly entails yet, but i went ahead and created a whole new web identity for myself with the name susi b art - and you can probably guess already by the name what my theme is going to be: yes, 'art' but i am not sure that it will remain the focus, as i have an idea it may evolve into something else...

I have set up Blogs for a variety of my interests over the years, alternative therapies, aromatherapy, numerology, etc., but more recently they have focused on 'art' or more precisely on 'my art study'.
So 'blogging' is not exactly new to me, but this time it is different, (which i will expand on in just a minute!) and judging by the hassles i have been having the last few days in setting up this and another blog over at WordPress, i think my focus may shift to the 'trials and tribulations of creating a web presence' !!! I have already attempted to write and edit this post numerous times and this morning had finally achieved a valiant effort before my overloaded chrome crashed on me and i lost the lot! This version is much better anyway...(and i have now written twice as much! thanks google)

So this journey is going to be an interesting one, and i am happy that i have finally made a start with this, my first post :) 

2 helpful links i found this week: 

Strategies to improve your WordPress Blog 

Ways to improve your online identity security

you can also find me @ twitter susibart and on facebook 'Susi B Art'