16 May 2011

Quotes on Being an Artist

It is not enough to know an artist's works. One must also know when he did them, why, how, in what circumstances ... I attempt to leave as complete a documentation as possible for posterity. ” – Pablo Ruiz Picasso

Sketching and Planning is always a good thing...

sketches and drawings from Edward Hopper
© Edward Hopper 1959. Whitney Museum of Art. New York



Things to consider
Ensure you think creatively and with imagination. Utilize all that you have learnt from the previous exercises in this unit from mark making and exploring the physicality of paint, to creating temperature with colour.
Summary of Artists to Research
Edward Hopper, Rover Thomas, Alberti Giocometti, Lucio Fontana, Ross Blechner, Kathleen Petyarre, Leonardo da Vinci, William Turner, Casper David Friedrich
Damien Loeb http://www.damianloeb.com/
Marc Chagall http://www.chagallpaintings.org/
Eric Fischel http://www.ericfischl.com/
Luc Tymans http://www.artcyclopedia.com/artists/tuymans_luc.html
Spend some time researching a few of the above listed artists as well reading the following articles which focus on two different artists approach to working with space and painting.

Web-based Research
Helen Frankenthaler: http://www.stfrancis.edu/en/student/beatart/frank.htm
Mark Rothko: http://www.nga.gov/feature/rothko/rothkosplash.html

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Howard Hodgkins

Clarice Beckett
Francis Bacon
Paula Rego
R.B. Kitaj

 Edward Hopper